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Posted on February 07, 2015 by Tudor Davies

I'm all for anything that makes a cyclist more visible both to other road users and to pedestrians alike. Using your light I feel identifies me as a person and not just a bike.
I also like the rechargeable aspect as I've been in situations where my batteries have just failed and for many years had two lights on my bike, just in case!
The conventional one light approach is simply not enough these days. I also use a helmet light, where I can be seen over the top of parked cars especially. JULIE
I bought Lightrider and a reflective jacket as a present for my adult son who was about to start cycling to work in London. He is delighted with it, and tells me that it works brilliantly. It has given me peace of mind to know that he is as visible as possible among the city lights. It would also be ideal for dark country lanes.
Thank you for your brilliant (literally!) invention LIZ

The lightrider is a brilliant cycling accessory. Apart from the fact that people can now see me, I find that oncoming motorists turn their full beam down as soon as they do see you, something that never happened before and something that used to drive me mad.

The forward facing light is adequate. Most of my night cycling is done on rural roads and to be honest I could do with it a little brighter but for the price and the rear facing light this is highly recommended. COLIN

I definitely feel a lot safer riding with the lightrider, love the way it lights me up making me more visible to drivers, especially at junctions, this is by far the best light I have used. CAROLINE

Brilliant idea-works very well.
Decided to buy another for my other bike too!
PHIL, Norwich
Suitably bright, well-designed, easy to fit, sideways light as well as ahead which is good (could be even stronger), and the light that shines up on your torso is excellent.   Only annoying aspect is the switch is over sensitive and so switches on when put in a bag.   Excellent value. JONATHAN
The lightrider is a very simple idea and its a surprise no one has thought about it before. It makes perfect sense to illuminate the rider and having used it since Christmas I have to say the increased visibility does make me feel safer on the roads. RACHEL
I chose this for my grandson who cycles in busy traffic in Liverpool and the whole concept delighted me and I know he found the product very good. I am probably one of the very small percentage of long term cyclists with strong concerns about safety having cycled in many parts of Europe and so welcome this sort of safety innovation. G.C.
Very happy to endorse your product.
Last year my 16 year old son was knocked off his bike breaking his collar bone. I was nervous about him riding again especially as he refuses to wear any kind of reflective jacket
I bought this after watching the video for the light, on your website.
What a great Idea, a front and rear facing light, after all what is the point of a blinding light at the front of your bike,
when all you can see is darkness behind the light.
This light lights up the front of the bike and the rider, maybe not much good for mountain biking, but I feel much safer at night in the dark when urban cycling, knowing  that I am lit up as well as my bike. IAN
or vest because it wouldn't "look cool" riding a fixie. Well the Lightrider is "cool" and I am so happy to see him using it. BRIAN
I cannot express how pleased I am with Lightriders customer relations, your dedication is extremely admirable-CALUM

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