About Us

The Idea
For years cyclists have been wearing fluorescent jackets to get themselves seen on the road - great idea, but what's going to light up that jacket?

Until now cyclists have been reliant on a car's headlights to illuminate their jackets, making them pretty vulnerable, particularly at T-junctions where a car's lights are pointing at 90 degrees to the cyclist. The answer? Light yourself up!

The Design
Lightrider is the only bike light in the world to illuminate the rider as well as the road ahead- making you much more visible. 
The model can produce three L.E.D. beams of light:
There is a 110 Lumen split front beam, both flashing forward and pointing down to the road.
The third is the unique Rider Illumination System that shines backwards to illuminate the rider. The RIS beam is very directional and is hidden within a hood, so is not visible to the rider and will not affect your important night-vision.

Lightrider also has a battery management system that makes sure the 3 beams ALWAYS run at full power. Once the battery gets 20% flat it will automatically switch off the main road beam leaving you with a flashing forward beam to get home. This also lets you know that it is time to replace the batteries.

This patented idea is available in two versions. A 2 x AA battery version and a USB rechargeable version. Both have similar levels of performance:

- 3 modes to choose from:

- 1/ All 3 beams on.
- 2/ As in mode 1 but the road beam now flashes.
- 3/ Flashing front facing beam and the unique R.I.S beam

- Up to 20 hours run time in flashing mode
- Bracket and batteries included
- 10 hours average charge time for USB version, cable included
- USB version can have the batteries upgraded by the user for even longer life.
- Bracket fits standard 22mm-32mm handlebars