Q- Whats the best way to fit the mounting bracket?

A- The bracket can be adjusted in 2 ways, by the ratchet system underneath the bottom of the bracket, and the screw. Adjust the ratchet so the band is slightly too small for your handle bar. Then unscrew the catch and fix round the band. When closing the catch make sure it is facing upwards. Ideally there should still be some of the screw thread visible once it has been secured to the handlebar.

Q- My handlebars are thicker than the specified 32mm diameter (100mm circumference), what can I do?

A- Try removing the rubber square that is on the belt of the bracket, this will give you some extra space and has been known to work for circumferences of 105mm.

Q- Sometimes the bracket doesn't seem to fully lock with the light and I am worried it may slip off.

A- We have had a couple of problems with this. If you feel your light isn't locking to the bracket securely there is a simple fix. Looking at the top of the bracket you will notice a small semicircular loop of plastic at the front, this acts as a spring to make a tight fit. Saw or cut it off and you will find the light fits more easily on the bracket. If you would rather not do this, then just drop us a line and we will send you an adjusted one.


Q- The front 2 LED's work, but the rear LED won't switch on.

A- Make sure the battery terminals that power the rear LED haven't got stuck. You will find 2 small metal terminals sticking out next to the batteries. Give them both a push in, they are spring loaded and should bounce back out again. When re-assembling the light, make sure both bodies are twisted tight, you should feel a slight click as they join together, this will make sure a good contact is made.


Q- I switch on the light and after a few seconds the full beam switches off and just the flashing LED remains.

A- This happens when the batteries are nearly flat, to ensure you have a source of light to get home with. Replace with new, high powered batteries.

Q- How do I fix the rear bike light to the back of my bike?

A- First of all fit the batteries. This is done by getting a small coin. You will notice two small slots at the top of the light, between the red and black plastic. Pick 1 of them and twist a coin in it, the body of the light will come open, then fit the batteries and snap shut.

The bracket ideally needs to be fitted onto the seat post of the bike. This is done by wrapping the bracket round the post and tightening up the screw, some extra rubber may be used to thicken out the post. You will notice that the light has a clip on the back, this slides onto the bracket. It may appear a bit tight, but does go on fine and is then very well secured. Rear light mounting instructions.