Technical Specification

1 Watt road facing beam- 80 Lumens, flash rate 1 Hz in Mode 2. 
Forward facing flashing beam- 30 Lumens, flash rate 3 Hz. 
Rider Illumination System (R.I.S.) Beam- 30 Lumens.

- Mode 1 battery life- average 4 hours
- Mode 2 battery life- average 8 hours
- Mode 3 battery life- average 20 hours.

Bulb testing system- keep holding down the button, all 3 LED's should light.

Battery protection system- If Lightrider is running in Mode 1, and the battery is getting too flat, the microprocessor will switch the light to Mode 3, to ensure you retain enough battery power to get to you destination.

Weight -140g with batteries and clip

USB version:

Your Lightrider will need recharging once the 1 Watt road beam fails to come on. Plug the light into a USB socket, as explained in the instructions. The R.I.S. Beam will blink once a second to indicate charging. Once charging is complete the light will switch off. You can increase the charge with the 'extended charge” feature. Simply hold down the button as you plug into the USB socket. The R.I.S. Beam will now blink twice a second to indicate this mode.

- Charge time - average 10 hours
- Extended charge time – average 14 hours

Lightrider is a CE product.
The forward facing flashing beam meets the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations.
Lightrider does not comply to BS6102/3.

Invented and designed in the UK
Manufactured in China